Relational Orientation to Educational Evaluation

Recently, Scherto had a conversation with Robyn Stratton-Berkessel on shifting from traditional measurement-based assessment in schools from a relational orientation. They touched upon how relational evaluation of the entire school ecosystem can enhance learning processes, students’ engagement and vitality of relationships in primary and secondary classrooms. It flows into the evaluation of teaching and the school as a whole.

In this Podcast, Scherto highlighted collaborative learning, dialogic pedagogy, and flexible curricula as viable alternatives to testing. She concludes that educational evaluation from a relational perspective can truly speak to the demands of a rapidly changing world.

This is connected to Scherto’s other work such as caring in education, as in Gill, S. (2019). “Caring in public education, FORUM: For 3-19 Comprehensive Education, 61:2, 201-208.