Scherto’s research interests centre on understanding peace, human well-being and flourishing as holistic and dynamic processes. The key concepts she is developing include human-centred education, positive peace, deep dialogue, ecology of well-being, narrative pedagogy, dialogic approach to global governance.

Through research and work at the GHFP Research Institute, Scherto has been actively exploring ways to apply these concepts and ideas in educational innovation, peacebuilding, political economy, and social transformation.

Currently, Scherto is leading four international research projects:

  1. Collective Healing – Mapping practices and approaches to healing the wounds of slavery, in partnership with the UNESCO. Phase One of the research has concluded with a significant Desk Review Report on Collective Healing. Phase Two is starting with the aim of developing training programmes for facilitators who can hold safe spaces for experiential workshops for trustbuilding, narrative sharing, attentive listening, deep dialogue and healing.  
  2. Atlas of Dialogue – Exploring the transformative potential of dialogue in global governance, sponsored by the GHFP Research Institute;
  3. A Paradigm of Love – Understanding conceptions of love in Western philosophies; 
  4. G20 Interfaith Forum Education Task Force – Investigating faith-inspired practices and approaches to Inclusive and Caring Education  

Most recently, she completed a number of international research projects for which she served as the Principal Investigator, including:

  • Investigating Conceptions of Harmony in World Wisdom Traditions (Harmony Project in partnership with the Prince’s Trust);
  • Exploring the Impacts of Healing the Wounds of History in Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Lebanon (Centre for Lebanese Studies);
  • Understanding Well-Being: A Life History Research (GHFP Research Institute).