She facilitates teachers and creators of peace professional learning and development, and supports educators and project professionals to become facilitators and learning partners. Her facilitation consists in creating safe spaces for participants to share and explore learning journeys, guiding their processes of inquiries, and helping them to become confident researchers and practitioners.

In addition, Scherto moderates panel dialogues amongst interlocutors from different backgrounds and disciplines. She encourages active questioning and deep listening, and when punctuated with silence, her facilitation can help bring the best insights and articulations from the speakers.


Scherto teaches on both Masters and Doctoral programmes. She also offers a wide range of seminars and lectures on topics around human-centred education, peace education, ecology of well-being, relational orientation to educational evaluation, dialogue theories and ethics.

The courses Scherto teaches include

  • Human-Centred Education: Theories and Practices
  • Dialogue: Theories, Ethics and Practices
  • Positive Peace: Theories and Practices
  • Legacies of Slavery and the Imperative of Collective Healing
  • Understanding Collective Healing: A Four-Fold Conceptual Framework
  • Education as Relating
  • Holistic Approach to Well-Being in Education
  • Love in Western Thought

From January 2022, Global Humanity for Peace Institute will welcome enquiries about programmes at University of Wales TSD, including PhD and for MA in Peace Studies.